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Pillsbury Fast and Healthy Cookbook: 350 Easy Recipes for Everyday
by The Pillsbury Co

Hundreds of low-fat and reduced-fat recipes direct from Pillsbury's Fast and Healthy magazine are presented in this book along with tips and techniques, ingredient explanations, detailed nutrition analyses, and lots of color photographs. The recipes are delicious and really easy to make. Some of the desserts (low fat ones even) are to die for! While offering lots of recipes for vegetarians, it also has a great selection of poultry, beef and fish based entrées in addition to non-meat dishes. Pillsbury Fast & Healthy Cookbook takes all the angst out of the kitchen and truly lives up to it's title. This is one great cookbook.


Chocolate and the Art of Low-Fat Desserts
by Alice Medrich

Calling all chocoholics! Alice Medrich, the award winning author of Cocolat, now brings every chocolate lover's dreams come true low-fat, great tasting chocolate desserts! In Chocolate and the Art of Low-Fat Desserts, Medrich presents recipes that cut fat without compromising texture or flavor. With recipes such as Chocolate Decadence, Michael's Brownies, and other rich and delicious chocolate recipes, Chocolate and the Art of Low-Fat Desserts has all the richness and taste any lover of chocolate could ask for, and some recipes have up to one fourth less fat. You'll never feel as if you are giving anything up. This comprehensive book includes everything from easy cookie recipes to stunning dressy desserts, and also includes detailed information on ingredients and techniques which makes this into a real cooking reference.


Yoga for Round Bodies, vol. 1
Excellent beginner video, especially for larger woman

For any one who has ever wanted to try yoga, but because of their body size or type thought it wasn't for them, Yoga for Round Bodies is just what you've been waiting for. Unlike other yoga and fitness videos, the emphasis is placed on the instruction and technique, not the background scenery or music. This great video was designed for men and women who've been flirting with the idea of yoga, but who are frustrated by instruction geared for people built like Gumby. With initial instruction on how to tailor a yoga workout for your body, using pillows, mats and other props, Round Bodies shows you how to smooth any excess tissue you may have out of the way in order to get the most out of a pose. Two excellent workouts follow, and the two instructors (round bodied women themselves) move easily from pose to pose, taking turns instructing the viewer in both the beginner and advanced versions of each pose, all the while encouraging you to accept your current limits and not push your body farther then it's ready to go.


Crunch - Boot Camp Training (1999)

Get ready to move! This high-impact intermediate-to-advanced video from the trendy gym Crunch will work all your muscles, including your heart. This intense workout is divided into several 7 ½ minute segments. Instructor Susan Hitzman and her class demonstrate strengthening moves that combine upper- and lower- body muscles. By the end you'll be begging for mercy, because each segment has progressively harder pushup variations, including some you've never tried. Hitzman also gives you your fill of lunges and cardio moves such as jumping jacks. Meanwhile the upper-body strength exercises get progressively more difficult with each segment, as do the abdominal routines. If you think you've done it all, Boot Camp will make a man or woman of you!


Fitness Music for Exercise: Sean O'Malley's Guided Workout Series 1

Sean O'Malley, Various Artists - Miscellaneous - Exercise/Meditation
Instructor Sean O'Malley has been a fitness trainer, coach, and health club owner. After listening to his clients, he needed a way to motivate people to actually DO their cardio. This was his motivation for putting together Volume 1 of "Sean O'Malley's Guided Workout on CD". For those of us looking for that extra motivation to start or to keep exercising, this is the right choice! O'Malley's creative and unique approach in training sets him apart as a true leader. Get out your CD player and headphones and jump onto your favorite type of stationary exercise equipment. Straight forward instructions motivate you to participate and Sean's mesmerizing and motivating voice will bring you through a fun and invigorating workout.


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